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Promoting Excellence in Activity Programs: A Spotlight on the National Association of Activity Professionals

The National Association of Activity Professionals (NAAP) is comprised of Activity Professionals serving Activity Professionals. Our commitment to the health care sector includes providing quality education, ethics, standards of practice, competencies, and advocacy. 

Activity Professionals provide activity services and programs, which enable individuals to maximize their desired potential and personal interest in activity participation. The provisions of activity programs and services are primarily, but not limited to, the geriatric populations who live in a variety of health care settings that may include other populations with special needs. The clients we serve, the settings in which services are provided, and the services we provide are based on the needs of the populations we serve. The activity practice is based on a comprehensive assessment, development, implementation, documentation, and evaluation of the programs provided. In addition, the unique interests, physical, mental, and psychosocial needs of the individual served is the highest importance throughout the creation and implementation of all activity services. Activity Professionals may provide some, many, or all these services to the clients within their chosen setting. The extent to which services are provided is directly related to the setting in which the Activity Professional works. Activity services are directed and provided by professionals who are trained, qualified, and/or certified to provide these activity services. 

It is the responsibility of the Activity Professional to implement, supervise, and evaluate all activity programming designed to meet the individual’s current interests, choices, preferences, and abilities. These programs should be holistic in nature and include physical, intellectual, social, spiritual, and recreational activities. These activity services shall be provided by professionals who are trained, qualified, and/or certified to provide such programming. Activity Professionals are responsible within long term care communities in the development, implementation, and evaluation of an activity program which meets/exceeds federal, state, and local regulations and facility policy. These standards will assist the Activity Professional in successful application in providing a variety of services to the clients/residents whom they serve. 

The National Association of Activity Professionals proudly supports and partners with Bridgetown Music Therapy Virtual Music Program. Together NAAP and Bridgetown can provide opportunities for individuals to experience meaningful engagement through music. Engaging in music therapy activates the cognitive, motor, and speech areas of the brain and benefits the overall mental health of individuals. The mission of NAAP is to provide excellence in professional support services for Activity Professionals in the promotion of standards, ethics, competencies, education, and advocacy. Music Therapy provides active quality of life. (from Alisa Tagg, Director of NAAP)

This month, Bridgetown Music Therapy is thrilled to share that we're now co-partners with NAAP! With their focus being on representing, supporting, educating, and equipping Activity Professionals working primarily in geriatric settings, we're excited to come alongside NAAP. To learn more, visit NAAP.infoWe love Activity Professionals!


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