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Why Can’t I Just Use YouTube?

This month, we’re addressing a question we sometimes get in regard to our virtual music engagement program: Why can’t I just use YouTube? It’s definitely a valid question given the nature of the platform with which we’re all most likely familiar. Let’s explore how Bridgetown Music Therapy’s virtual music engagement program measures against, and ultimately stands apart from YouTube.

1. Dementia-friendly Life Enrichment
While YouTube is more entertainment focused, our program is more than just entertainment - it’s enriching for participants. Our content is recreational in nature. The goal isn’t necessarily to learn a skill or topic, but to have fun doing music while benefitting from enriching music-based activities at the same time. It was also intentionally created to be dementia-friendly.

2. Quality
Unlike a lot of content on YouTube, our videos are extremely high quality, produced by a professional videographer on...

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10 Great Resources Every Activity Professional Should Know

Do you ever feel like you’re drowning in your job and just need some guidance? Whether you’re a seasoned Activity Professional, or a newbie, we've compiled these tools and resources specially for you! We’re thrilled to share them with and truly hope they’ll support you in your work.

Activity Connection
For Activity Professionals, Activity Connection is likely a familiar name. This online repository is a treasure trove of resources, empowering senior living communities to enhance resident engagement through a wealth of materials. Alongside a multitude of activity guides, monthly event planning tools, and downloadable content, Activity Connection fosters a dynamic forum where Activity Professionals can exchange ideas and collaborate with peers in their field.

Golden Carers
Similar to Activity Connection, Golden Carers provides an extensive array of meaningful activities for residents in many formats. The platform further supports Activity Professionals by...

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Music Makes a Difference During the Holiday Season

Can you imagine the holidays without music? I think it would feel like a giant missing puzzle piece! I will admit, sometimes hearing the same songs over and over throughout the holiday season can get annoying, and by the time January 1 rolls around, I’m ready to take a nice long 47-week break from holiday music. But truly, stop and ponder for a moment, what would the holidays be like without the sounds of the season?

A beautiful transformation takes place during the holiday season. Twinkling lights and other decorations pop up everywhere, festive smells fill the air, and the spirit of togetherness warms our hearts. Amidst this magical ambiance, music emerges as a powerful force that contributes to the special feel of the holidays. I think it’s safe to say, music plays a big role this time of year. Let’s explore several reasons why.

Setting the Atmosphere
There’s no denying the transformative power of music in setting the holiday atmosphere. From the...

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Promoting Excellence in Activity Programs: A Spotlight on the National Association of Activity Professionals

The National Association of Activity Professionals (NAAP) is comprised of Activity Professionals serving Activity Professionals. Our commitment to the health care sector includes providing quality education, ethics, standards of practice, competencies, and advocacy. 

Activity Professionals provide activity services and programs, which enable individuals to maximize their desired potential and personal interest in activity participation. The provisions of activity programs and services are primarily, but not limited to, the geriatric populations who live in a variety of health care settings that may include other populations with special needs. The clients we serve, the settings in which services are provided, and the services we provide are based on the needs of the populations we serve. The activity practice is based on a comprehensive assessment, development, implementation, documentation, and evaluation of the programs provided. In addition, the unique interests, physical,...

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