Improving Quality of Life Through Digital Music Therapy Services

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In an effort to keep our most vulnerable population safe from COVID-19, Bridgetown Music Therapy has adapted and is one of the first music therapy providers in the country to offer weekly pre-recorded video sessions.


Watch this video to learn about our program:


We serve aging adults across the country residing in assisted living, memory care, nursing homes, adult foster care and private residence.

We are using the power of music to make a difference!

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Interested in how our pre-recorded music therapy video sessions look and feel? Check out our 35-minute demo.

Weekly videos are 50-60 minutes long and always include the three activity sections of singing, seated movement to music and breathing/relaxation.
Song lyrics appear in large type on the screen, and we also provide printable lyrics with each video. Music varies week to week.

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“I regard music therapy as a tool of great power in many neurological disorders, [such as] Parkinson’s and Alzheimer’s because of its unique capacity to organize and reorganize cerebral function when it has been damaged.”

-Dr. Oliver Sacks, renowned expert on music therapy

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