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 A Video-based Program for Meaningful Music Engagement

🎵 music-therapist created 👴🏼 designed for older adults
💜 dementia friendly

Life with dementia is hard, but music helps by sparking joy, creating social connection, increasing physical movement, stimulating memory & recall, reducing stress & anxiety, supporting
self-expression, and more.

Our video-based music sessions promote singing, rhythm and movement, gentle stretching, and relaxation — activities which can help ease the effects of dementia and aging-related challenges.
Music makes a difference.

Singing at Home is ... 

  • Created by a board-certified
    music therapist

  • Engaging

  • Therapeutic

  • High quality

  • Ad free  

  • Designed for all
    stages of dementia

  • Versatile

  • Huge value

  • Affordable

  • So Easy to Use! 

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Sparking Joy

Sparking joy.

Enriching Lives

Enriching lives.

Creating Connections

Creating connections.

Experience the Joy of Music

Watch this mother and daughter enjoying our program, Singing at Home! The older woman has late-stage Alzheimer’s (her daughter is her primary caregiver at home). She’s lost many abilities, such as speaking, but she still loves and enjoys music. She's engaging with the music by mouthing the song lyrics and clapping her hands to the beat, and the two of them are connecting through music!


2024 Pricing & Membership Options

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6-Month Membership


$16 / Month
$8 / Month

($48 USD billed twice annually)

 Includes all features of the
12-Month Membership

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12-Month Membership


$12 / Month
$6 / Month

($72 USD billed annually)

 Access to library of 300+ videos

 Dementia-friendly music activities

 New content added monthly

 Monthly live session

 Exclusive Facebook group

 Member toolbox

 Easy engagement

 Unlimited 24/7 access

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Month-to-Month Membership


$20 / Month
$10 / Month

($10 USD billed monthly)

 Includes all features of the
12-Month Membership

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Do you represent a home care, home health, or hospice agency and are interested in our program for your organization?
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Join Us!

Become a member and join a community dedicated to engaging older adults musically to enrich quality of life. Our Virtual Music Engagement Program features an extensive Video Library with HUNDREDS of music sessions to enjoy 24/7. Help your loved one or care recipient begin experiencing the power of music right away!

Singing at Home is ideal for individual, at-home use.

Members enjoy our robust Video Library which contains eight collections featuring 300+ music sessions with new content added every month!

30 Minute Fun-Themed Sessions
30 Minute Variety Sessions
60 Minute Fun-Themed Sessions
60 Minute Variety Sessions
Individual Songs Collection
Americana Collection
Hymns & Spirituals Collection
Winter Holiday Collection

Music Genres Include:

  • Folk

  • Country Western

  • Big Band

  • Pop

  • Rock 'n' Roll

  • Jazz

  • Hymns / Spiritual

  • Showtunes

  • Blues

60+ Session Themes Include:

  • Holidays / Seasons

  • Music by the Decade (1900's - 1970's)

  • Waltzes

  • Patriotic Music

  • Love Songs

  • Sun, Moon and Stars

  • Women's Names

  • Songs That Are Blue

  • World Music

Why Can't I Just Use YouTube?

Try a Free Sample Session!

Simply log in, press play, and have fun!

 Enjoy from the comfort of home, any time of day.

 Use as a respite tool or easy one-on-one engagement.

 No planning or musical skill required.

 Easily access anywhere from any web-enabled device.

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