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10 Great Resources Every Activity Professional Should Know

Do you ever feel like you’re drowning in your job and just need some guidance? Whether you’re a seasoned Activity Professional, or a newbie, we've compiled these tools and resources specially for you! We’re thrilled to share them with and truly hope they’ll support you in your work.

Activity Connection
For Activity Professionals, Activity Connection is likely a familiar name. This online repository is a treasure trove of resources, empowering senior living communities to enhance resident engagement through a wealth of materials. Alongside a multitude of activity guides, monthly event planning tools, and downloadable content, Activity Connection fosters a dynamic forum where Activity Professionals can exchange ideas and collaborate with peers in their field.

Golden Carers
Similar to Activity Connection, Golden Carers provides an extensive array of meaningful activities for residents in many formats. The platform further supports Activity Professionals by offering customizable templates, pre-planned calendars, and additional resources. A collaborative forum is also accessible on the site.

NAAP or the National Association of Activity Professional is a fantastic resource! It’s comprised of Activity Professionals serving Activity Professionals. Their commitment to the health care sector includes providing quality education, ethics, standards of practice, competencies, and advocacy. NAAP members enjoy access to networking opportunities, certification and education, workshops, support and resources. Alternatively, NAPA or the National Activity Providers Association is like NAAP, just based in the UK. We encourage you to check out both.

Artfully Aging
Art and music may just be the most popular life enrichment activities. Our friends at Artfully Aging have wonderful watercolor projects available for your community. Artfully Aging is a watercolor program that is adaptable for all care and skill levels.  Seniors love their projects and you'll love how easy and affordable their program is to use!

Music with Alexis
Music with Alexis
is Bridgetown Music Therapy’s premier virtual music engagement program for senior living communities. Featuring unlimited 24/7 access to meaningful music engagement for older adults, this program is a game changer for busy Activity Professionals and care staff. The robust video music library has countless themes and genres with 300+ music sessions and song videos, available to engage older adults, anytime! Dementia-friendly sessions feature Board-Certified Music Therapist Alexis Baker, with on-screen lyrics displayed. Movement Moments incorporate wellness through gentle stretching and deep breathing exercises. The easy-to-use website can be viewed from any web-enabled device; no special equipment or software needed. Just log in, press play, and have fun!

Facebook Groups
Have you ever struggled with feeling lost or alone in your work? Could you use some support with your job? A great way to connect with fellow life enrichment professionals is to become part of a community through several Activity Director Facebook groups. Here are a couple we recommend starting with:

Activity Directors/Assistants Share Tips, Tricks, Ideas!

**Activity Directors**

Engaged in Rec Podcast
This podcast is for both Recreation Therapists and Activity Professionals. Host Karina Stickle is fun and energetic while sharing her knowledge and experience in the area of therapeutic recreation. She's also interviewed dozens of guests representing organizations that provide programs/services to senior living. With over 60 episodes, there’s plenty to listen to and learn from, and her next season is coming out soon! We love the Engaged in Rec podcast!

Homemade Gifts Made Easy (for free and easy-to-print adult coloring pages)
This is the ultimate hub for coloring pages! Their extensive library of free printables is brimming with a huge variety of themes and topics. Simply find the options labeled for adults. Coloring is a great way to relax, relieve stress, promote creativity and self-expression, engage hand-eye coordination, and support cognitive engagement. Check it out here.

Memory Care Matters
This blog is dedicated to providing valuable strategies for actively involving individuals coping with dementia or cognitive decline. It offers a wealth of activity suggestions, practical advice, and useful resources. Additionally, the blog features a curated collection of memory care products. Check it out here.

Websites for Holidays, Observances & National Days
Every Activity Professional needs to be aware of all the special days. Who doesn’t want to celebrate National Donut Day?! With all the holidays, observances, and national days, it’s easy to lose track. Having one or two go-to sites to check as you plan out each month can really help. Here are a couple we recommend:

National Day Calendar

Calendar 365

Hopefully these tools and resources help equip you in your work as an Activity Professional. As your biggest fans, we're cheering you on, and we’re here to support you. Keep on keeping on! The work you do is invaluable, and you're amazing. We love you, Activity Professionals! 💜


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