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Introducing "Dementia Divas!"


This month, we had the pleasure of hearing from Carrie Aalberts, aka "Dementia Darling." Carrie is a delightful human who is passionate about empowering dementia caregivers by sharing education and resources. She supports caregivers by being a positive, uplifting voice of encouragement, spreading love and compassion to those who find themselves in a dementia caregiver role. Make sure to visit @dementiadarling on Instagram and give her a follow!

Hi All, it’s Dementia Darling and I am absolutely thrilled to share something that has been close to my heart and promises to be a game-changer for the dementia community!! Let me introduce you to the much-anticipated release of “Dementia Divas!”

“Dementia Divas” is not your typical TV show; it’s a monumental leap forward in our journey to create a more empathetic and understanding world for those touched by dementia! At its core, this show is an extraordinary platform for...

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Promoting Excellence in Activity Programs: A Spotlight on the National Association of Activity Professionals

The National Association of Activity Professionals (NAAP) is comprised of Activity Professionals serving Activity Professionals. Our commitment to the health care sector includes providing quality education, ethics, standards of practice, competencies, and advocacy. 

Activity Professionals provide activity services and programs, which enable individuals to maximize their desired potential and personal interest in activity participation. The provisions of activity programs and services are primarily, but not limited to, the geriatric populations who live in a variety of health care settings that may include other populations with special needs. The clients we serve, the settings in which services are provided, and the services we provide are based on the needs of the populations we serve. The activity practice is based on a comprehensive assessment, development, implementation, documentation, and evaluation of the programs provided. In addition, the unique interests, physical,...

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