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Sparking Joy and Connection 
through Meaningful Music Engagement

A music therapist-created program for older adult care settings

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Members enjoy our robust Video Library which contains eight collections featuring 300+ music sessions with new content added every month!

30 Minute Fun-Themed Sessions
30 Minute Variety Sessions
60 Minute Fun-Themed Sessions
60 Minute Variety Sessions
Individual Songs Collection
Americana Collection
Hymns & Spirituals Collection
Winter Holiday Collection

Music Genres Include:

  • Folk
  • Country Western
  • Big Band
  • Pop
  • Rock 'n' Roll
  • Jazz
  • Hymns / Spiritual
  • Showtunes
  • Blues

60+ Session Themes Include:

  • Holidays / Seasons
  • Music by the Decade (1900's - 1970's)
  • Waltzes
  • Patriotic Music
  • Love Songs
  • Sun, Moon and Stars
  • Women's Names
  • Songs That Are Blue
  • World Music

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For Individuals
For Groups & Communities
Alexis Baker BMT
Alexis Baker BMT

Who We Are

Bridgetown Music Therapy began sparking joy in 2017. 
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Emerald Communities
Elderday Adult Day Health Care
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Lutheran Senior Services
The Springs Living
Touchstone Communities
Sagora Senior Living
Lord of Life Services Inc

Did you know that music activates every area of the brain?

It's true, scientific researchers have observed that listening to music and engagement in music-based activities can affect all areas of the brain. Music activates the feel-good centers of the brain, and it can even help create new neural pathways. It's no wonder why music can be so beneficial for people living with dementia.

Bridgetown Music Therapy Instruments

Music is a natural motivator.

Because music can do all kinds of cool things for the brain and body, it makes the perfect tool for engaging individuals living with dementia. A few examples: unlocking their past memories, improving mood, increasing energy levels, and promoting relaxation. Singing has amazing benefits such as relieving stress, boosting the immune system, providing comfort, promoting expressive communication and improving lung capacity.

The benefits of music are abundant and far-reaching.

Music can uniquely touch the lives of people living with disease, disability, dementia, a lack of social connection and other challenges or limitations associated with aging ... simply boosting overall wellbeing. Meaningful music engagement can absolutely make a difference in a person’s quality of life!

Bridgetown Music Therapy Seniors

Music is one of the very first things we respond to at the beginning of life, and one of the very last things we respond to at the end of life.

We all resonate with music one way or another. Think for a moment about the songs from your childhood, or the music you listened to in your teens, 20’s, and 30’s. Two chords in and you're instantly drawn back to your favorite high school memory. Many life events and experiences are often marked by music. We get attached to “our music” because of all the ways music is woven throughout our lives. Music is powerful!

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