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The Healing Power of Music for Caregivers and Their Loved Ones

This month, we’re pleased to feature a guest post from Lee Mohler & Robin Andrews Smith from You & Me Aging and Dementia Coaching. In 2005, Robin and Lee began the important work of helping family caregivers and their loved ones successfully manage late-life transitions. They serve their clients by providing invaluable resources, support, education, insight, advocacy, and more to care partners of individuals living with dementia or dealing with challenges associated with aging. They help those caring for an aging loved one find clarity, make decisions, and live guilt-free leading to life-changing hope and relief! Learn more here: You & Me Aging and Dementia Coaching

The Healing Power of Music for Caregivers and Their Loved One

In the world of caregiving, where love, dedication, and compassion merge, music emerges as an invaluable companion. For both caregivers and the people they care for, music possesses a unique ability to...

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