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What Are the Benefits of Physical Movement for Seniors?

Physical activity has numerous benefits for older adults. For example, people who exercise tend to have improved immune, digestive, and cognitive function. Getting the body moving can also lead to better blood pressure, bone density, muscle tone, mobility, flexibility, balance and coordination. Maintaining regular physical activity can lower risk of Alzheimer’s disease, diabetes, obesity, mental health issues and heart disease. Another benefit of note is that it can help decrease risk of fall. In general, physical activity can help combat the effects of aging.

Walking is probably the most basic form of exercise and is great for cardio and keeping the body active and in shape. Stretching also counts as exercise. A little bit of stretching each day will do wonders for the body and is a great regular activity. Did you know that music is a natural motivator for physical movement? The rhythmic nature of music helps the brain and body work together to move in time with...

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