Music Classes for Toddlers & Preschoolers

Why music?

Research has shown that exposure to music in early childhood contributes to improvements in the following areas of development: cognitive, physical, social, communication, sensory, emotional, and musical. Regular, active music-making is highly beneficial for toddlers and preschool-age children for many reasons including:

  • Promoting self expression: improvisation with instrument play, exploring feelings/emotions through song
  • Acknowledging and reinforcing autonomy/independence
  • Stimulating physical movement: fine and gross motor, eye-hand coordination
  • Developing social skills: eye contact, sharing and turn taking, impulse control, communication, leadership, cooperation, manners, participation
  • Exploring musical concepts: rhythm, dynamics, tempo, start/stop
  • Addressing preschool academic skills: letters and sounds, numbers, colors, shapes
  • Enhancing cognitive development: attention span, sequencing, memory/recall, following directions, focus, visual tracking, auditory processing, decision making, object recognition
  • Supporting sensory processing: tactile stimulation, vestibular (balance), proprioceptive (spatial awareness)
  • Improving communication skills: receptive and expressive, verbal/non-verbal, call and response
  • Encouraging play!

What can be expected in our toddler and preschool music classes?

Bridgetown Music Therapy’s music classes provide young ones with the opportunity to learn and grow through multi-sensory music activities. Our classes are fun, interactive and educational. Through our program, children have the opportunity to play many different instruments, explore their speaking and singing voices, experiment with body movement, practice social skills and much more! They are exposed to a variety of musical styles and genres through developmentally and age-appropriate music. Common activities during classes include a ‘hello and goodbye’ song, instrument play, singing, moving and dancing to music, fingerplays, musical games, and singable stories. Classes are typically 30-35 minutes and occur once per week for 10 weeks at time.

It’s easy to participate in our music program!

Here’s how: Your school lets families know about this music program available to them through your facility. Families who decide to sign up each pay for their own child to attend our music classes, and we take care of the rest.

This will be a huge benefit to both your students and marketing! You’re able to advertise that your center provides this amazing program while furthering your student’s learning.
Please note: We come to your facility for services, so adequate space must be provided.

About Bridgetown Music Therapy

Bridgetown Music Therapy makes it possible for young children to learn and grow THROUGH MUSIC! We strive to provide the best possible experience for every child by engaging him or her in dynamic and creative music-making activities. We have FUN with music, and we are dedicated to providing QUALITY music therapy services through evidence-based practice and continued education on our part. It's our joy, honor, and privilege to facilitate these services and support children in achieving developmental milestones.

About Alexis Baker, MT-BC

Founder and owner, Bridgetown Music Therapy

Alexis is a board-certified and licensed music therapist who specializes in working with young children. Originally from the small town of Sedro-Woolley, WA, Alexis earned her Bachelor of Music Therapy degree from Marylhurst University in 2013. She completed her clinical internship in the same year at Earthtones Music Therapy Services where she enjoyed working with several different populations in various settings, including early childhood. Alexis maintains professional membership in the American Music Therapy Association. She was published in the 2013 issue of Imagine Magazine for her original composition that addressed fine motor skills, turn taking, and social play. Alexis has also been awarded several academic scholarships and in 2009, received the Department of Music Award from Skagit Valley College. Additionally, she has 15 years of experience in childcare. Her primary instrument is guitar, although she plays and uses many different instruments in her practice.

Alexis absolutely loves working with kids! Drawn to their energy, curiosity and humor, she passionately cares for every child she interacts with. Alexis is kind, patient and loves to smile! Her strong musical skills and leadership abilities combined with a little bit of silliness help to engage children and bring about profound responses, such as developmental progress. Alexis’ music therapy philosophy can be summed up like this: Music is like a bridge, connecting and providing support in many different ways.

Be on the cutting edge of early childhood care and education with our music classes!

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