Q: How does this program work? 

A: We’re thrilled to partner with senior care communities around the Portland metro area to make music therapy services available and more accessible to residents in an intimate small group setting. This program works one of two ways: 1) The fee is charged as an add-on service at the community or 2) you pay Bridgetown Music Therapy directly for services. It simply depends on the community and what they have agreed to. Once registration is processed and initial payment received, your loved one will join a small music therapy group and get to participate in weekly music therapy sessions facilitated by a board-certified music therapist from the Bridgetown Music Therapy team. 

Q: What are the benefits of regular music therapy for my loved one?

A: There are so many benefits including cognitive engagement, increased physical movement/circulation, reduced stress/anxiety, and increased social interaction. Music therapy can also help to decrease agitation and combativeness, improve verbal communication, stimulate memory/recall, increase self-expression and overall, improve quality of life.   

Q: Why is the minimum 5 and maximum 8 for groups? 

A: We’ve found that 5-8 is the magic number for social engagement. It provides ample opportunity for social interactions among multiple residents. With larger groups (more than 8), it can become difficult for the therapist to engage every single client throughout the whole session. We want to make sure your loved one is engaging the entire time and connecting with those around them. Five-eight is the perfect amount to provide an intimate setting where residents can get to know each other and the therapist better.  

Q: Why are sessions once a week? 

A: Consistency is key with music therapy. That’s why regular, ongoing sessions are important. Progress can be made in just one session, but most improvements happen gradually over time. Sessions sometimes build on each other, and once per week is an ideal frequency.  

Q: Where do sessions take place? 

A: We specialize in providing music therapy services to residents in senior care communities. To make is easy, we facilitate all sessions at the facility. 

Q: Can family members attend and participate in session? 

A: Yes! We welcome all family members to join; however, we ask that it be limited to two at a time.

If you have other questions not answered here, please feel free to contact us!